Welcome to the Fraser Valley All Breed Cat Club web site.

The Fraser Valley All Breed Cat Club was accepted for membership in CFA at the Executive Board Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on January 14-15, 1967.

In addition, the Fraser River Longhair Club and the Green Timbers Shorthair Club were accepted at that time, because it was a requirement to have both a longhair and shorthair specialty club with any all breed club. However, shortly thereafter the Board decided that one all breed club could also carry the 2 specialties, and so those 2 clubs were dropped.

The club was named after the Fraser Valley, which is located in British Columbia, Canada, and it was for many years a Canadian club. Jean Hausermann and Myrtle Youmans were 2 of the club's founders.

Shows were held as regularly as possible in the earlier years, and in later years, the club sponsored one or two rings when invited to at other club's shows.

Recently, the club was relocated to Oregon - and we will be putting on our second show in many years this upcoming January 16, 2011, in Longview, Washinton. View our show flier, and please join us!

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